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Army Class A Uniform

The new, uniforms-friendly army class dress jacket is the perfect answer to your questions. With an affordable price and a great uniform design, the army class is a aud$49. 99 at your disposal.

Class A Uniform

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Class A Army Uniform

The class a dress green uniform jacket is a great way to versatile your outfit and make yourself look like a professional. This jacket is inseam’d at 40”’ and is made of 100% wool, making it comfortable and durable. The blue and green make-up is also included, so you can brighten up any look. this us army surplus mens dress green class will be equipped with uniform pants in order to provide cover for soldiers when needed. The class will be available in green and black. the us army officer dress uniform jacket is a jersey-like dress shirt with red and blue rips in the back, with white and black spats on the feet. It has the us army logo on the front. It is with this jacket that service members wear their military dress uniform. The dress uniform jacket has a quantum-based suit-keeping device that helps protect the soldier's head and neck, and offers a number of other features such as airtight protection against wind and water. this vietnam era army dress uniform is a perfect fit for a specialist in the us army. It is a size 39l, and includes a jacket, as well as a coat of arms. This dress service uniform is a great option for those who want to maintain their looking sharp, and feel like a part of the team.