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Army Uniform

Looking for a versatile and stylish military uniform? Don't search more than the Army uniform, this medium-sized shirt is sensational for any activity or game. With a natural woodland camouflage coat shirt, you'll be able to take your game to the next level, the shirt is furthermore practical for keeping you warm in the cold months.

New Army Uniform

The new Army Uniform is a top-fit, medium-resistant nwt coat of arms with a flamed- resistance, the arms are in the form of a with flamed-resistance. The jersey is produced to be a top-fit, but with a large chest, it features a "top flamed" logo in the top left hand corner. The Uniform is manufactured to be a top-fitting, large-chested top, the us Army Uniform is a fantastic substitute for people searching for a resilient and small-frame shirt. Featuring a single layer of cotton fabric with a scorpion logo on the chest, it is a good surrogate for both professional and personal use, the us Army uniforms come in a set of medium long with the way to add a multicolor issue fleece. The issue fleece imparts the keywords: us Army issue the us Army uniforms come in a set of medium long with the alternative to add a multicolor issue fleece, the issue fleece extends the us Army issue name and number. The Army uniforms are made of sturdy fabric and will keep you warm and protected, the top flaming resistance helps against contact with the sun and the small reg. Army uniforms are sterling substitute to show your team's fighting style.