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Vietnam Era Uniforms

This vintage Vietnam Era uniform is an unrivaled alternative for a fun sale, this blouse is a medium size and is camouflage blouse camo small regular. It offers a small regular fit and is fabricated of cotton, it provides a Vietnam history and culture, and is produced to last.

Vietnam Era Uniforms Walmart

The Vietnam Era uniform is a top-notch match for somebody who loves to travel and enjoys living in a world of contrasts and difference, made from poplin this dress makes a top addition to your wardrobe. The Vietnam Era uniforms are some of the most outdated and outdated uniforms in the world, they were used by both the military and the people of Vietnam during the Vietnam war. The uniforms were made up of large regular clothing items, such as pants, skirts, and blouses, the large regular uniforms were used for combat and for everyday wear. This jacket is a top-grade early Vietnam Era uniforms, it is an anti-exposure item and presents an 40-length fabric air line. The fabric is well-ished and the jacket offers a comfortable fit, there are some small areas of wear, but it still looks good. These Vietnam Era uniforms are made of 100% wool and are designed to protect you from the cold, they are spiky boots with an 11" width and an 3" depth. They are made to suit you well with a fit for a man, the shoes are 11" in height with a weight of 67.